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about me

i love light; the way it can make something come to life, illuminating its soul. sometimes it will expose details otherwise unseen, other times it can paint an illusion on what could be an ordinary subject.

so it is no surprise that my heart is within a camera body.  only, i didn’t quite know where to point the lens until the birth of my two children.  as cliche as this may sound, giving birth to them changed my life.

and now my skin tingles and my heart starts thumping a little faster when i think about birth.  tears well up and before i know it, i am smiling from ear to ear. i literally cannot contain my excitement.  you would think that the magic of growing a human is extraordinary enough…but then to watch (or experience) the act of giving birth…takes my breath away.

in addition to being the wife to my incredible husband and the mother to my gorgeous children, my calling in life is to help women celebrate all that happens during this magical time.  to help them find the beauty in their stretch marks and aching back. to be present as their body opens and their baby takes their first breath. and to capture a fleeting moment of your growing family so that you can hold it dear for lifetimes to come.