denver birth photographer

whether you are already a mother or are about to become one, your birth will be transformative.

your life is forever altered as you ride through the powerful act of bringing your baby earth side.  by documenting the most raw and primal act of womanhood, you are forever able to grow and heal with each image.

about lindsey eden

eden photography denver colorado birth and family photographer

i find the birth transformation to be raw, powerful, intimate, healing and breathtakingly beautiful. 

after a heavily medicated hospital induction with my son (how is he three already?!) and an accidental unassisted home birth with my daughter (oops!) – i have two stunning children whose births and existence have changed my life in every way possible. it was these experiences that allowed me to find my calling utilizing my expertise and sharing my passion for photography and storytelling.

 i would be honored to be invited to document your story.

your birth story

birthing your child will change your life…regardless of how you hope to help bring this baby earth side.  you will experience the whole spectrum of emotions, you will go within to a place you may not have known existed or you will reach out for support from your birthing team, it could take hours or it could be days, it could be in a hospital, birthing center, home…or even your bathroom or the car!  with medication or without, in the water or on a bed. either way, this is your story and it will forever be one of the most memorable days of your life.

on call // i am on call once you are 37 weeks along and until you deliver

the big day // i will arrive at your birth space once you are in active labor and will stay with you for as long (or short!) as it takes. once baby is earth side, i will stay for an additional two hours to capture the newborn exam.

your story // a small collection of web-ready images will be delivered to you within the first 24 hours of delivery to share with friends and family.  the full gallery will be delivered within 6-7 weeks after your ‘birth’ day and will include one folder of hand edited, high resolution digital images, one folder of low resolution web-ready watermarked images, and a full print release.



you did it! baby is here and these first few days/weeks  can feel like an eternity, but they are truly fleeting.  allow me to capture those tiny toes, long fingernails, peach fuzz, and oh-so-quickly changing face.  and you, mama, i want to celebrate your body, your curves, your beauty and the amazing vessel that created this tiny human.

fresh 48 // instead of attending the birth, allow me to come to you (home or hospital) within the first 48 hours after baby has arrived.  all you want to do is stare at every tiny intricacy of your new baby?  well so do i!  lets capture it together.

newborn // need a little time to get settled in your new routine?  in the comfort of your home, i will document they sweet details of your new family member.

herbal tea or milk bath // you don’t need to have an exotic bathroom for me to capture your beauty while you relax in a soothing bath surrounded by gorgeous flowers.  we can customize the bath with your favorite flowers, colors, and essential oils. use this as a time to connect with baby while still in the womb, or with your newborn as you continue to examine toes, nurse, and delight in their wonder.